If someone asked me where I could spend an endless amount of days feeling relaxed and doing absolutely nothing, my answer would be a beach, preferably one in the Mediterranean but Blackpool isn't too bad! Venturing around the different beaches of Mykonos, I soon realised wherever we went would be stunningly beautiful. The perfect spot was a tiny cove between Platis Gialos and Paraga, the combination of sun, sea and sand made me very happy.

If life was a beach what would you need?

Every day I packed my tote bag filled with my #BeachDayMusts and set off for a day in the sun...
1. A swimsuit - How can you enjoy the refreshing sea without a swimsuit? My lovely little 70s inspired look is from H&M and I absolutely adore it! The muted tones in the top paired with a crisp white bottom is my new favourite combination, white always shows off a good tan. If you need a little bit of swimsuit inspiration, check out Adoreme for the prettiest posts!
2. A book - Sunbathing is a tedious task sometimes, sitting still agitates me so having something to read is a necessity. 
3. Suncream - Although factor 15 probably isn't the safest option, it's better than being burnt!
4. Lipgloss - If I'm honest, it makes me feel slightly more fancy and feeling fancy is always a plus!
5. Body spray - Beaches are warm, warm means perspiration, that means smells, I don't want smells.
6. Notebook & pen - The ideal spot to write down everything and anything, plan life, dream and doodle away...
7. Sunglasses - Squinting isn't the most comfortable thing to do, get a pair of sunnies and all your problems are solved!
8. Sunhat - As a child, I would refuse to wear caps meaning every year I'd never fail to burn my scalp, I learnt from my mistakes...
9. 35mm camera - Film photos seem so raw and vintage, any opportunity to snap on this camera I will take!
10. Phone - I think a phone has become a life essential these days, it's nice to relax without it but I can't resist listening to my favourite songs on repeat!
11. Sun block for lips - Burnt lips are ten times worse than a burnt scalp, don't do it!
12. Go pro - The best little gadget to capture those underwater selfies whilst being photobombed by fish, you've got to do it!

'Perched awkwardly on the smoothest rock in site, it seems there is no better place and time to contemplate life because this is not real life. Is it not daunting we want to escape real life?'

Lucy Jane