Top: Brandy Melville // Bralet: Urban Outfitters // Skirt: H&M // Shoes: New Look // Choker: Topshop // Sunglasses: Mango

A sunset is one of the most beautiful things to witness.
The bold light of the sun slowly fades into the darkness of the night, such a simple concept yet leaves me mesmerised every time.

Swarms of people gathered around Little Venice as the sun began to set, it is the most famous spot on Mykonos to capture the breath taking scene and the crowds of people definitely proved that! There were people everywhere wanting to snap the prettiest pictures of this natural beauty. The atmosphere was strange, a combination of tense on-lookers waiting to get the perfect pictures, relaxed romantics taking in every sense of the scene and the busy workers who routinely saw this day in, day out. 
It felt exciting.

The blues, reds and whites that made up Little Venice made my outfit fitting to every angle of the town. A loose fitting top became the best option at night as along with the sea breeze, it made me lovely and cool. My skirt was made up of yellow, red and black reminding of the sharp contrasts the sunset presents. The moments before it disappears, when the sun stands strong in the sky emitting beauty through light, heat and reflections. 

The last moments of enchantment slowly finished and the swarms of people began a round of applause.
 An applause for a sunset, just a tourist thing!

Lucy Jane