Top: Topshop // Dungarees: Topshop // Shoes: Doc Martens // Socks: Topshop // Bag: Rosegal

Something about stripes always gets me. I've been through phase after phase of only buying striped tops which isn't all bad, but when your wardrobe consists of 70% stripes you know it's a problem you need to tackle.

Why do I love stripes? 
As much as my younger rebellious self would refuse to wear anything me mum advised me to, her love for stripes has had a definite influence on me! Her go to outfit; blue and white stripped tee, jeans and some flats. Although my experimentation with stripes is on a much wider spectrum, my love for the simple pattern is because of my Mum. 
So Mum...
You never thought I'd say this but thanks for being my style inspiration!

Equipped with my rainbow stripes, I am full force into summer wearing my dungarees at any possible time. They're definitely not the most mature piece but summer is about having fun, if that isn't an excuse to live in dungarees I don't know what is.
 Now my summer has started, I'd like to know when everyone else's does/has and the number 1 thing you want to do? 

Who knows it might even be as simple as pulling off a head-to-toe striped outfit, that can go on my bucket list!

Lucy Jane