Atmosphere can easily determine your mood, whether it's tense or excited the instant feel you get reflects through your actions. 
When I say this I 100% mean it, the atmosphere at the Colour Run was the best I have ever experienced. People were running, skipping, dancing but most of all people were celebrating the simple concept of happiness. If you're unfamiliar with the colour run, it's a run based upon the Indian colour festival. The 5k run takes you through endless amounts of powder paint and finishes with one big party. To sum it up, it is the prettiest colourful mess!

Everyone in that moment was happy.
Regardless of life and all it's problems, I genuinely felt that everyone surrounding was happy. The most upbeat music led to hundreds of groups dancing around whilst throwing packets of paint recklessly in the crowd, I danced with my 2 best friends and smiled so much. I was smiling for the simple realisation of what my life is, it is beautiful and I am so lucky.
 I wouldn't define many moments as completely unforgettable, memories always get tainted through the years, yet this was an unforgettable experience. 
I won't forget the laughs, the smiles, the music, the colours, the freedom and the happiness!

Lucy Jane