Believe it or not, my constant 'charity shop bops' have lead me to accumulate a large proportion of clothes that are thrifted. As I constantly talk about my admiration for charity shops I thought why not showcase the best of the best in a charity shop bop!

It's always fun to play around with colour, whether blocking, contrasting or complimenting you can create some wonderful looks. Red will forever be my favourite colour. Why not dress head to toe in it to show my admiration?
My pants are a vintage pair I picked up in London, I swear by culottes now as they fit in all the right places. I adore the granny-like floral print on them, I'm not one for ditsy prints but this bold pattern definitely wins me over. As for the jacket and shirt, I picked these up from local charity shops recently paying only £6 for the REAL leather jacket!!
Throwing it back a few years, this look is giving me definite 70s vibes, I love it!

Regardless of the perks of the clothes, it is important to consider the benefits of your money when you spend in charity shops. It contributes to fund charities, improve peoples lives and is a form of recycling in a world full of fast fashion.

If my series starts to inspire you, take a look at these links to find your local charity shops..

Thank you!

Lucy Jane