I am sure you've all seen the ever evolving slip-dress craze that has taken over the Instagram bloggers. The perfect way to transition into winter, throw on some layers. As much as I adore the classic slip look, being someone who enjoys experimenting with colour and texture I was ready to set my eye on an alternate craze...

The cami top! A basic we will all have stuffed away in our wardrobes, draws or even pyjama cupboard. This pretty little basic cost me £1 and I am almost 100% sure that if you head down to your local charity shops and search through the nightwear stand, you will bag yourself a similar bargain to me. With such a versatile piece, it is easy to adapt from day to night as I opted for a rather sophisticated look for me. I decided to add my velvet slit skirt, also from a charity shop, along with a basic shimmered tee. Having the body con element to the skirt with the loose fitting top is something interesting to experiment with. Pick out your best points, enhance them!

Yet again another outfit born from the renewed, recycled clothes.
Get charity shopping!

Lucy Jane