Dream as if your mind is a portal to any distant reality desired to visit, the potential of hope for escapism. We can condense ourselves into the smallest matter; irrelevant, unacknowledged, yet so content in our imagined reality. Rather become matter, dreaming of influence, importance and talent. Having a whirlwind of a mind that refuses to switch off dream mode, I will say that how I dream is never big enough. 

A dream. The dream. 
What is it all about? A strength to reach your highest potential in life will surely not be an everlasting feeling so what happens after 'the dream' those strive for? 
I believe creating tomorrow by the dreams of today can be the only fulfilling solution as 'the dream' you want now may differ in a matter of time. 

 I dream of New York, my inner voice constantly tells me I'd be the perfect fit for the big city. I can't just go, money, housing, work, family and presidents but thats a topic for another day...
My dream of moving to New York may be achieved in another tomorrow.

Dream as wildly, as boldly and as freely as you wish, but do not build a life upon a false pretence of you 'living THE dream'. 

Lucy Jane