My evolving style is my cure to boredom, searching for thrifted items, decorating old ones and never getting bored! It excites me to push the boundary, it's weirdly comforting. It's not that I refuse to wear what everyone else is wearing or that I want to be 'indie' and different, I simply prefer doing my own thing.

In life I'm not a very experimental person, I know what I like and I stick to it. With age comes changing things up more often, life seems to flow at a quicker pace and time is of the essence. You have to adapt to life rather than simply doing what you like, dealing with things maturely. For now I can't say I have made many drastic changes in myself, I am changing gradually but in my own slight ways.
When it comes to fashion I get bored and need to experiment...

What is the point of going out and experimenting in high street stores? If you want to try NEW things all you're going to find is trends, styles and items that a small percentage of the population will have already experimented with. What you NEED to do is re-use! Experiment with which stores you go to, change it up by visiting local charity shops rather than the city chain stores. Buy an old pair of jeans like I did and make them your own!!
It is cheaper, for a good cause and helps the environment. 
True experimentation in fashion is the expression of an individual touch, consumers have grown to wanting whats 'hot' but why can't we make experimenting 'hot'? 

If you feel inspired by this post let me know and show me your customised things, get charity shop boppin!

Lucy Jane