Merry (belated) Christmas!

I hope you all had the most wonderful time over the festive period and the best end to a very unpredictable year. 

I spent my time doing a lot of eating, drinking and thinking. Every christmas throughout my life I've known Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing day as three days made for not really doing much. As much as I enjoy Christmas, this year I began to think what if I changed my traditions? I suppose traditions are exciting when you're young as you have things to look forward to and feeling secure is important as child, but having just experienced my 18th Christmas I know next year I'm going to make it different.

So here are some of my thoughts...

 Go for a huuuuuuge walk. 
Pack a picnic and drive to the middle of nowhere, spend Christmas consumed by nature instead of by pigs in blankets and Quality Street's. 

Help out those in need.
Christmas is the time for giving so giving to those truly in need would be wonderful, I would 100% love to accomplish this as I feel my life is equipped with everything I need. I should stop taking everything for granted and give back what I've gained.

Who wouldn't want to spend Christmas in New York or Australia? I mean I'm doubtful of this happening but it's an idea!

Road trip!
Grab a map, grab a car and off you go! You might drive through the moors, reach the beach or head for the city, who knows! 
Alternatively, booking a few nights in a little cottage somewhere is an idea if pre-planning a trip. Being way from all the worries of real life, just what you need at Christmas time!

Send love, happiness and hugs to your family and friends and get the sparkles out for NYE!

Lucy Jane