'On the edge of colourful life yet it has to be turned down, it has to become desaturated.'
I have acquired a mindset that goes like this...
Happy motivational thoughts to eating, sleeping, reading, writing, blogging, socialising, yet negative oppressing thoughts to working, learning and getting things done. 
As of right now, I feel like I am desaturated.

Winter comes and takes our breathe away through the sweeping chill. There is a beauty to the decaying transition, the natural process of death to nature. Slowly falling and disappearing into the following season, we loose the saturation. A landscape often portrayed as bleak, bland or dull, a questionable view to state. 
You have to notice the potential.
New growth, new living, new life. 

In a slump of desaturation project yourself into a colourful life, grasp onto it.
Remind yourself going down provides opportunity to bounce back up.
Saturate life!

Lucy Jane