A dog, a companion, a best friend.
At the age of 6 when asked if you could have one wish the general answers surround fame, fortune or being a princess. With little consideration of what reality would be like, my one wish went like this...
 'I wish and wish and wish that I could have a dog'
It was never a lot to wish for but my love for animals was all I cared for.
One day 11 years ago, little Lucy Jane's wish came true as we got ourselves the cutest black Cocker Spaniel pup and named her Bonnie. 
All day I remember being too excited to concentrate in school, I was finally getting my own pet and that was all I ever wanted. Rushing out of the classroom as my Year 2 teacher Mrs Reeves let me leave early, I ran towards my Mum with the biggest smile on my face as we were off to pick up Bonnie. 
From that day on so much love and happiness was brought into my life.

Throughout the years we shaped our lifestyle around her. Caravan or cottage holidays were where we spent our summer, chasing Bonnie round beaches, hills and fields for hours. She was part of the family, just like the sister I'd always wanted. She knew all my problems, gave all the hugs I needed and cheered me up continuously.  I could not have asked for a better best friend to grow up with.

I hear all the comments of 'But she's a dog?' and I do truly understand them.
Having a dog is what you make of it, Bonnie was whole-heartedly loved by so many people including me. She fulfilled my childhood dream and I loved her a whole lot for that. 
I'd just like to say this...

Bonnie you were more than I could have ever asked for in a dog, the perfect pet and so much more. Although your death was sudden and unexpected, you felt no pain and that is all we cared for. I will remember every walk we went on, every duvet cuddle we had and every time you'd pull the funniest face when I tickled under your armpits. We all feel like something is missing, an emptiness you can not explain. I miss you more each day and my heart breaks a little when I think of how quickly you were taken away from us. Thank you for making my childhood so bright and full of fun, no dog can ever live up to that. 
I wish you could come back so I could give you a hug but I already had one wish come true in my lifetime, it would be unfair. I will shed a tear over your birthday and Christmas with the happiness I feel thinking of the past 11 years.
Bon you were a top dog, I will never forget that!

2.12.2016 x

Lucy Jane