If you're feeling timid about trying out different trends, I will tell you now there is nothing better than sparkles or shine! Whilst sifting through my wardrobe, I was drawn towards these tones of navy blue and gold. Grabbing a high waisted straight leg trouser,once worn by my teenage mother, a charity shop metallic slip and a family friends previously loved coin purse.
 I decided this was a look!

 It pleases me to see colours complimenting an overall look, especially when the tones are unexpected. When items slip into place perfectly it makes me so happy! Looking at this outfit makes me think if navy and gold were people, they would be the best of friends. The way each contrasting piece enhances the other is flawless, the perfect palette I believe. 

As for this charity shop bop, can you believe that this cost me a total of £14!!! 
(£10 being the primark boots)
It gives off such chic city vibes of a well cultured 90s woman, feeling sophisticated but pushing the boundaries nonetheless. 
I've decided the coin purse is my new thing. It was a rather vintage trend which seemed to have developed to new styles due to its lack of practicality, but I'm bringing it back!
 It makes me think of the days when people didn't carry round laptops, phones or iPads. 

I'd like to think this was once used to store Prada sunglasses, a Chanel perfume and the rouge-est of rouge lipsticks!

Lucy Jane