I've always had a fascination with stars. The way you look up, able to see them being so far away yet they shine like the brightest light in all the night. Scientifically, they're a huge ball of gas but our imagination can tell us differently...

Texture has become my new favourite accessory, trying to mix everything such as lace, velvet and leather. It's proving a key trend throughout my wardrobe in 2017. I am obsessed with these dungarees as the majority of my wardrobe looks amazing under them. It saddens me that they are fully black, as a two tone may have been an interesting look but we can't have everything we want! My lace top is an amazing find from Blue Rinse Vintage in Manchester, it's the perfect dressy casual top that I will none-stop wear. The metaphor of this post comes in the use of my starry scarf, I am literally tied to the stars but I thought I'd approach this rather uniquely...

Let me be tied to the stars in the sky to fly high above the world when all good turns bad.
Let me be tied to the stars to dream, dreaming of distant places and magical beginnings.
Let me be tied to the stars when unmotivated, doubtful and turn into a bursting ball of energy.
Let me be tied to the stars when I feel lonely, remembering we're all in this life together.
Let me be tied to the stars if I'm sad and realise I've got this whole world to make me happy.
Let me be tied to stars through life, being a bundle of energy, light and sparkles.
I am tied to the stars.

Lucy Jane