For the past year my curiosity as to what is really going on in the world has grown. My knowledge for politics and worldly issues is expanding and I am beginning to form opinions on what I believe in and stand by. 
Something I strongly believe in is equality, the state of being equal in regards to race, age, gender, work, human rights and oppurtunities.

In light of the inspiring and astounding 'Women's March' which took place across the globe, I wanted to focus on equality of gender, being a feminist. 

I always thought feminism was too complicated for me to understand when the term was uttered throughout high school, it seemed something intellectual that was beyond my understandings. As I left high school and began college, I started to understand what being a 'feminist' was. It was nothing to do with radical views or hatred towards men, it was simple.
Being a feminist meant believing in political, economic and social equality for the sexes. When I realised this, my first thought was 'Why isn't everyone a feminist? Why aren't we all striving for equality?'. 

Living in this generation feels so rewarding to me. The youth today are so comfortable and accepting with change, hence why the heart of these movements lies with us. We have to shout about it, make ourselves heard and be the bridge to other generations to raise awareness because people have become so blind to it. 

So Donald Trump is president and it seems his misogynistic, racist and ultimately idiotic ways have sparked a fire in a generation wanting equality. I don't like Trump.
With his recent inauguration, it got me thinking...
In an era where feminism is SO important and SO believed in, how has it happened that the President of the United States is far from a feminist? 
Wanting to punish for abortions, objectifying women for their physical appearance and making degrading comments to better himself. I stand by the millions of Americans who have hope for change, not hope in Trump.
Politics isn't my strong point, but I am entitled to have an opinion.

Being a feminist is being me, being a woman, being someone who wants equality. Across the globe people are constantly oppressed, being treated unfairly and having basic human rights taken away from them. On a large scale my impact will be small as I don't have the power to free the world of inequality but I'm standing up and speaking out and striving for change. 
I may be shy and timid or loud and proud, but I believe in feminism. I want to be equal, I want you to be equal and I do not want to live in an oppressed society. 

Your life begins exactly the same as everyone else, you know nothing.
You grow, learn and become you.
Somewhere along the way you unconsciously learn of whats considered right and wrong.
Once you unlearn that life feels a lot more empowering...

Lucy Jane