#runwayedition what is that I hear you asking?
Having taken inspiration from the creators of Charity Fashion Live, a blog I will explain later, I decided to show you a look for less. 
How items bought in charity shops can end up resembling those on the runway, at a much smaller cost!

Pretty In Pink! An outfit taken inspiration from Gucci's A-W15-16 trend of 'Granny Chic' which is one continually growing. The development of textures like silk and velvet are all inspired by the trend, replicating through the soft texture of my black slip and shirt. The bold pinky yellow prints are another HUGE trend, these bold prints are so stunning even though they mirror the patterns on your Grandma's curtains! The most noticeable trend that Gucci kick-started was the fake, over-sized framed glasses. For some reason the world has become obsessed with glasses as an accessory, something I have never seen a lot of. It definitely adds a vintage twist but I can't decide whether glasses are for me or not.  

The overall trend is one that has been broken down and filtered to mainstream fashion a lot through what the high street provides. The best way to be inspired right from the designer is to buy second hand, you're making the style for yourself rather than someone else deciding it for you!

This concept is something I am all for, sustainability is key to the growing world and anything I can do to contribute to living more sustainably is good. I noticed a blog called Charity Fashion Live a few weeks ago and they're blog really inspired me to push this message. 
They recreate looks instantly after appearing on the catwalk through using only the clothes found in a charity shop! They are engaging a huge audience within the general public and establishing the idea of 'sustainable fashion'.
I respect this so much as it is hard sometimes to get the message across as people struggle to change their habits, if people aren't interested people will never know the damaging effects our lives are having.

 'An estimated 400 billion square meters of textiles are produced annually, of which 60 billion square meters are left on the cutting room floor. Each year over 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced worldwide, and after its short lifespan, three out of four garments will end up in landfills or be incinerated. Only a quarter will be recycled.' 

There are so many astonishing facts floating around talking about the industry in terms of how pollutant it is, how wasteful it is and what a huge impact it is having on our environment.
Charity Fashion Live, along with myself and a whole lot of others who support sustainable fashion want to help and make our impact! 
So please get your #CHARITYSHOPBOP on and go find some masterpieces!!!!

Lucy Jane