The one thing at the minute I can't get enough of is leopard print. Deemed as cheap and tacky to so many people, I believe you can wear it and still be classy AF. It reminds of elegance and Alexa Chung which are both great influences to life. If you can look sassy in leopard print, you have smashed life. I just want to wrap myself up in a leopard print velvet throw and feel like a 1950s star! At the minute, I am constantly drawn to wanting to wear all the things that nobody else does. 
Rebelling to conformity you could say...

Creating a mix of street and sophistication seems to be my approach in this 'PRINT ON PRINT' look. Combining the velvet texture of the tee, with the embossed burgundy scarf  gently complimenting my deep red culottes, a perfect match. This is one of my outfits that falls into my 'fancy top' category. I have this dilemma where my wardrobe is filled with exciting pieces on top, but not so much on bottom. 
I hate jeans, I get too cold in skirts and the size of my bum is another obstacle. 
I generally opt for wearing culottes as they are so versatile and comfy yet I can't help but wish I saw myself wearing something else. Any suggestions????
I love an exciting outfit!

Lucy Jane