It feels like autumn is quickly approaching and I am rather excited about that. It means I can dig out all my favourite cozy jumpers and invest in some new ones!

Usually I'd be dressed head to toe in burgundies, orange tones and leopard print but I've been opting for something slightly controversial, pastels! I've never really been one to invest in the pastel colour palette as it doesn't really do anything for my complexion but when I saw these pants, how could I leave them? I picked them up for only £1 from my favourite Scope charity shop which is such a steal. They're this pretty mix of blue, green and yellow which is a combination so far away from my typical style its a little bit scary. With autumn styles quickly taking over the high street stores, I've seen a lot of pastel pinks, purples and blues trying to push their way into a typically dark autumn wardrobe, slightly strange. The one thing about Charity shopping is the affordability, you can be one step ahead of the game and try a trend for a minimal price! 

Lets talk about this £1 knit (YES THE WHOLE OUTFIT WAS ONLY £2!!), I love it! You always need a staple white knit to pair with absolutely anything through the colder months and I think this is mine. The thing that sprung out to me about this piece was the oddly shaped neckline, is it turtle or square necked, who knows? It's so cosy, comfy and warm, the three essentials for my winter wardrobe!

Lucy Jane