I'm going to start this post by simply saying...
I won't lie, I felt like such a boss shooting these pictures, I loved it!

Moving on from my little self confidence booster, since March I had been dying to shoot a post in these Misguided red pants as they are everything I need in life. I wore them when I watched a show on Broadway in New York and the experience will always stay with me. I remember walking through Times Square and a man shouted 'Hey, where can I get a pair of pants like those?' I replied 'England ahah' and he said he was coming to England to get them! They're certainly head-turning pants but they fill me with so much confidence, I couldn't care less!

Red is definitely a big colour this A/W but in my head, red has always been my special colour. I have a red a room, I have a red car and nearly 50% of my wardrobe is some shade of red just so you understand my obsession. It's fun to be walking round the shops and entering a sea of red but a little part of me wants to take everything off the shelves and keep it for me as my signature thing. Today I decided the  'Red Racer' vibe was for me, pairing this PLT top, Misguided pants and Zara boots, I was head to toe in red. One of my favourite pieces is this Charity Shop red belt. The silver studded detail gives it this edgy, street-style look which people are loving at the minute. Trends always repeat themselves, so head to a Charity shop to find some goodies!

Finally, I want to address this amazing Primark find that I customised and now obsess over!
I picked this Denim Jacket up for £19 in Primark which was such a steal, it originally had black laces on each side but I decided to make it my own. I ordered some ribbon off eBay, laced it up and created this beauty! 
If you can't find clothes you like, why not just do it yourself?

Lucy Jane