Jacket - Bershka // Jumpsuit - Topshop // Shirt - Chairty // Shoes - River Island // Belt - Mango // Backpack - Primark

I miss the posts where I just write my thoughts accompanied by an outfit of the day I was thinking about it, so here goes nothing...

If you were told to go back to your 'normal life' when you still didn't feel like the 'normal you' what would you do? I started to question what my 'normal life' is.

The normal life I knew of should've been living in London,  going to University and studying to reach a career of a lifetime. The normal life was enjoying myself, organising so many day trips and nights out that I'd never have a moment to myself. The normal life was waking up and being energised and motivated to do something with my day, to reach all the goals I had. 
The normal life was everything I'd dream of. 
 When you're told to live your 'normal life' again and you realise you don't know how to, it hits you hard. 

Things are going positive for me at the minute but positive doesn't mean back to normal. I'm so happy about the direction my health is going in and know within the next few months things should be more 'normal' than they have been all year! I'm just finding it hard to grasp that my 'normal life' now, isn't exactly the one I thought I knew.
For now 'normal life' doesn't feel familiar, but I hope this time next year I can say I did it, I got back to my normal life.

Lucy Jane