I've taken some time away from blogging to deal with life to be truly honest. I haven't felt the inspiration to be creative in a while and I do think thats due to deterioration of my health. I want to be back and for now I am, it's just hard to know how consistent my life will be. For the end of 2017 I wanted share some poetry which holds a lot of my emotion regarding the past 12 months. 

2017 was not the worst year or the most awful year, it was simply the hardest most challenging year of my life. As cliche as it sounds, it was a huge rollercoaster of a year and I think this poem portrays the rises and falls. I wish you all the happiest and brightest New Year and I truly hope it brings health, happiness and so much love to you all!

Love From 2017

You broke me, 
made my life feel useless, the pieces of me that held worth, shattered.
You hit me,
so many times I lost count, I was your punch bag.
You tested me,
how strong is she? How long before the fall?
You controlled that.
You hated me,
I was your worst enemy, you wanted revenge.

But I broke you,
defied all the pain and came back stronger.
I hit you,
because I wasn't going down without a fight.
I tested you,
all the times my mind told me 'No', I did it with no regrets, fearless.
I controlled that.
I loved you,
you were the hardest challenge ever thrown my way, but I did it.
I am here, I am stronger.
You were only another year. 

Lucy Jane