Top: Cartia Mallan x Princess Polly // Pants: Missguided // Belt: Charity Shop // Choker: Ebay // Shoes: Asos

I thought it would only be fitting to save this post till 2018, my rainbow year. 
Without dwelling too much on 2017, I can say I learnt an awful lot in 12 months but I am so glad it's over. I want to think of 2018 as my rainbow year to shine like I've never done before. 

Rainbows are bright and I want to be bright, have that sparkle to light up my life and others surrounding. 
Rainbows are colourful and I want to be colourful, bring vibrancy and expression out in the way I present myself. Being colourful always makes me happy.
Rainbows are lucky and I want to be lucky, hoping that 2018 brings everything 2017 took away.
Hope. Health. Happiness.

So enjoy my rainbow outfit and rainbow light because that is here to stay. 
I will get better this year, I will get my health back, I will get control of my life and I will start living again. 
 In a years time I hope I look back on this and think 'She 100% knew this was her year to live' because that is all I want, I want my rainbow life back.
Here's to my rainbow year...

Lucy Jane