What does it mean to be an adult?
Take on responsibility and build a life.
Your 18 now, an adult.
No longer young and innocent,
no longer shy and hiding 
behind the lives of everyone else.
A day is all it took,
from a child to an adult.
Do we just find the essence of eighteen?

I write this post because I've never found the essence of eighteen. My eighteenth year was the year I most depended on the help of others and disregarded all responsibility because I couldn't build a life.
I was supposed to take on the world independently, me, myself and I.
The reality was I couldn't so I didn't. 
I needed people to help me because I was pretty much helpless, but that was okay.

So many standards to meet and expectations to defy and my eighteenth year taught me to say a big F**K YOU to everything I was meant to become. 
Age is just a number, growth is a personal thing.
I might find an essence of eighteen at twenty, thirty or I might never find it!
Who really cares, life's too short for reaching...

Lucy Jane