Monday 15th January

A day of tidying and working out

Tuesday 16th January
Injections and more tidying...

Wednesday 17th January
Rainbows and a day in bed

Thursday 18th January
Trip to town and 1D night!!!

Friday 19th January
Make up day 

Saturday 20th January
Pretty sunset and a funky night out

Sunday 21st January
Early morning maccies 


Monday was a day I woke up with bundles of energy, something which is pretty rare for me! We've decided to redecorate the downstairs of our house which means I have to declutter my mess of a room. I got through my hoards of clothes and got rid of a few bags full of stuff, all going to local charity shops. I found these two plain tops that I decided needed re-vamping. I had a few spare iron on patches lying around, sewed them on and like magic I got two new tops! 
I then did a good workout and decided to take some pictures of my body as I want to start documenting the progress. In 2017 I definitely lost control of my body, my mindset was 'Well my insides are unhealthy anyway so why bother?'. Now I'm determined to be happy in a healthy body.
I'm definitely a curvy gal and wouldn't want to change that, so in regards to my physical appearance I simply want to tone up rather than drastically loose weight!

Tuesday came along and I was due my next set of Humira injections, which I did at dinner time after a morning of exercise. When I did my first set of injections, I completely wrote off that day as I was so tired and lacking energy but on Tuesday I seemed to be fine! The only thing was I had an awful headache over night/into the morning afterwards but it eventually went away. I am really hopeful that Humira is going to work, so far I'd say I'm at a 7/10 in regards to symptoms, 10/10 being back to normal. I know symptoms worsen when I eat/drink/do certain things so I'm definitely learning to know my body a whole lot more!

Wednesday is filled with pictures of rainbows as I spent my day in bed with the worst period pains feeling sorry for myself. Having IBD and suffering with period cramps is not a good combination, so lets just forget about Wednesday!

Thursday was a fun day of a quick trip to the charity shops, getting jobs done and an One Direction filled night. I went into town just to get a few things and couldn't resist the £1 charity shop, I picked up a khaki green teddy bear coat and a few different skirts. I then got home and thought 'Right, get your shit together!' so I started researching short courses at London College of Fashion for over the summer. I want to go to University in London but having a year away from education gives you a lot of time to think. I love learning and know I would thrive at University, but I also could do well for myself independently. For now I won't worry too much and I'll just go with the flow. 
Later on that night I had Lila and Ell over to have a longly awaited One Direction night. It was honestly so fun to relive the 1D days as they were definitely some of the best times of my life, call me embarrassing but I will always adore 1D.

After quite a late night on Thursday, I knew on Friday I wouldn't have much energy but these things I have to accept. Instead of lying in bed all day, I decided to practice doing my make-up as I used to adore experimenting and recently have let that go. I did a halo eye look which I've never done before and was pretty pleased at the end result!

Saturday was my first time going out for months and I had the best time I'd had in a long time!
With my health being very up and down throughout November/December, it was easier for me to stay at home rather than trekking to Manchester. I suppose going out has become a lot harder to me as it brings a lot of anxiety. I still love being with my friends and dancing the night away but I'm aware all the time that things might go wrong. I know its something I've developed because of my IBD but I'm trying so hard to not let it control me.
I am pretty proud of myself for getting out and not panicking as it took a lot to push myself to go. Anxiety is still something very new to me but I'm determined to get it out of my life as quick as possible. I meditate every day which is something I'm learning a lot about and I also have opportunities to speak to people who can help. I think Saturday was one of the best days in a long time because I defied my anxiety, did it and had the best time along the way!

Sunday was a write off, so enjoy pictures of me and Ell having a photoshoot in Maccies at 4 in the morning, we're classy gals.

Lucy Jane