Isn't there something all teens envy about the past?
With their minds wide open, dreaming can take them away.
Wishing they were around for the swinging sixties when youthful rebellion was hot topic. To be raving all night long at the Hacienda, living up the 90s to the highest heights. 
 Pictures, videos and words draw them back in time, they want that feeling in their now.
The past will always be the past so why do we want an essence of what once was to keep repeating itself? 
It's comforting.

For me the 1970's is where I try to be. To be rallying amongst the crowds at Woodstock, evoking the sense of freedom and peace to all or to be dancing through town in the widest, brightest flares making heads turn as I groove along. All decades inspire me, but there is something about the 70's that I can't seem to get away from. 

This shoot is 'Groovy' because it embodies the groove of the 70's to me.
Bright rounded ray bans, glittery flares and a whole load of colour!
I can just see Ell strutting through discos, fur coat in hand and reliving the groovy decade.

Photographer - Myself

Lucy Jane