Charity Shop Bop is a series on my blog that promotes a different sense of fashion. The fashion industry is a huge financial provider, yet is also creating so much waste that it's effecting our planet. Every year we create over 80 billion articles of clothing which is a ridiculous amount to even fathom.  With 95% of it being recyclable and 100% being reusable, why let it become waste?
My Charity Shop Bops are here to show the limitless horizons of reworking second hand clothing and that it isn't all 'old lady' stuff! Shopping from charity shops is more sustainable, a lot cheaper and also allows you to contribute to a variety of charities at the same time!
So get #CharityShopBoppin and let me see what you find...

Blazer Dress: Charity Shop // Shoes: Depop // Bag: Primark (sorry)

Influences from different eras play a huge role in what trends occur through the seasons, whether it's the 1920s, 40s or 90s, the way people used to dress is a big inspiration. Last year it was the late 90s/early 2000s making a huge come back, with logos being BIG and cuts being low. A few years ago it was all about the 60s and 70s, with figures such as Alexa Chung basing her trademark style off these classic eras. The runways of SS18 saw a surge of collections with a huge influence of the 1980s. Off White created a collection inspired by Princess Diana, using modern prints and pristine lines they presented some iconic blazers, suits and all were perfectly fitted pieces. A collection that will never be forgotten! Gucci also took inspiration from the 1980s but in a more loud, adventurous way. With looks introducing big shoulder pads and fitted waists,  their take on the 80s was very clear to see! All this buzz around the 80s worked its way down to high street stores ready for Spring/Summer 2018.

 Now,  I am a HUGE lover of old things working their way back into current trends!  A lot of my clothes are 'old things' as I pick them up from Charity Shops and that is the perfect place to find authentic, older pieces. So when I saw the 1980s playing such a huge role in this season, I knew I needed to search through Charity Shops to bag myself some golden pieces... and I did just that!

This Blazer is THE perfect fit for me, a little on the short side but with some bicycle shorts underneath you can't go wrong! I picked this up a few months back as when I saw it, I knew I needed it! The silver detail makes it look so much more expensive and makes it a little more on the dressy side. It's such a versatile piece as it could be worn open with a t-shirt and jeans for a casual look, with some fitted pants and boots for a fancier look or turned into a stunningly, sophisticated blazer dress by pairing some heels and a fancy bag!  Blazer dresses are definitely a more wearable reflection of the 80s trend we saw on the runways. They're so easy to style up, I recommend everyone getting one!  If you know me, you know I'm not a heels kind of gal and at the moment I am OBSESSED with my Nike Air Force 1's. I managed to pick these up second hand from Depop and they were in the most amazing condition. Pairing bulky trainers with such an elegant piece is something I LOVE to do! Making a contrasting statement with clothes is always fun to me, trying new trends is all about experimenting and I ALWAYS have to add my own twist!

The 80s vibe is one that will spring up all throughout SS18! They'll be loads of big shoulder pads, bright bold colours and perfectly fitted suits but don't give in to those high street prices. 
I 100% guarantee that you're local Charity Shops will be hiding some 80s gems, so go look!

 This Charity Shop Bop just proves how current the pieces you find in Charity Shops can be whilst still adding an essence of your own style. Bringing together second hand pieces gives them a new lease of life which is so much more exciting than the 'Jeans and a Nice top' Misguided feature.
(No shade if you love that, you do you and thats amazing! I just can't relate and want to try spread individuality and sustainability)
I hope I can open your eyes to the world of Charity Shopping and please tag me @lucysb_ on Instagram with #charityshopbop if you discover any pieces!
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Lucy Jane