Top: Nasty Gal // Skirt: Cartia Mallan x Princess Polly // Belt: Charity shop // Shoes: Converse // Necklaces: H&M

Right now, I am sat looking out at the deceiving blue skies. The brightest shade of blue beating down onto the world below would make anyone assume Spring was here. Unfortunately the skies tell a false tale and life still feels as if its in the total grip of winter. It's sort of frustrating I suppose, when you're so ready to welcome a change and the world won't give it to you what do you do?

Recently I have been dreaming so much of spring, summer and all things sunny so I've decided to compile a little post of these dreams! The long nights, sunny evenings and all things involved in nature just scream excitement to me. The next 6 months are usually the most unforgettable of my year so here is what I'm looking forward to...

Being in nature
Something you may not know about me is that I thrive in the outdoors. Ever since I was young I felt right at home in nature, I loved playing outside, running wild and spent a good portion of my childhood in the countryside. This may seem a strange anecdote but I've always remembered it...
When I was young, if I got dirty in the mud (not talking face planting/covered in mud here btw) or saw an insect, I never screamed, never cried and it seemed a lot of other people did. I didn't really care because I was happy being there. I try to be in nature 365 days a year but when its cold, its a lot harder to sit and simply appreciate it. I can't wait to spend endless days in my garden journalling away, countless walks in the sunshine and a whole lot of time being outside!

My Shed!
If you've followed my blog for a while, you may be familiar with my shed. Every year when it gets to Spring my shed is restored to its full glory and its THE most relaxing space for me to spend time. It's great to chill out alone or with friends, everyone loves the shed! This year I hope to use it more creatively as space to express my ideas but also as a calm space to practice meditation. I can't wait to give it a good paint, organise all my ideas and have my beautiful, tranquil little space back! 

Holidays and day tripping 
Regardless of my health, I am getting away and making the most of this summer! Already I have trips booked to Barcelona, Cyprus and hopefully Stockholm and I am incredibly excited to do some travelling. I've always had the travel bug and if it wasn't for my health this past year, would've been off everywhere. It may be very cliche of me to say this but I really do think travelling is so important. I always think if you stay in one place for the rest of your life, how are you ever going to change and grow as a person? You learn new skills, meet new people and are able to view completely different ways of life whilst away. Now I do love a good beach holiday but this year I'd love to visit more cities, on my wish list are Paris, Amsterdam and anywhere in Italy!
We shall see where I get to...

Skirts, Dresses and basically bare legs!
Since having Ulcerative Colitis, I've found that wearing anything the slightest bit tight on my stomach proves really uncomfortable meaning tights have been a no go. This has meant that all my beautiful skirts and dresses have been slightly neglected over the winter months and it makes me so sad! 
(Yes, I do have emotional attachments to my clothes)
Nevertheless, I am SO excited for the temperature to hit above 12/13 degrees, I'm english so thats warm for me, so that I can fall in love with all my skirts and dresses again! One thing I also love about spring is bare legs weather, my legs are something I've come to love about myself over the past few years. Yes, I have chunky thighs and a big bum but I love them and I don't care to say that!
Whack a bit of fake tan on and I'm ready to go!

Now you've read what I've been dreaming about, you can understand why this post consists of such a summery look. 
I just couldn't wait any longer to share some summer clothes okay!
I am in loooooove with this pink, puffy shouldered top and I wish I could have it in every single colour! Pink is my thing for 2018 and I'm obsessing over the shade of this top, it's so vibrant whilst not being on the verge of neon, it is stunning! For someone like me who has 0 boobs, the neckline is so flattering as the shoulder detail distracts attention away from my very flat chest (I've got to love it though). My skirt is this beautiful A- line piece from the Cartia Mallan x Princess Polly collection, it's part of a two piece and I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear it! Honestly I could create a full blog post, even blog series on how amazing I think Cartia Mallan is as she is such a HUGE inspiration to me both fashion wise and life wise. For now just know she designed such a cute yet funky collection for Princess Polly perfect for all you disco gals out there!
Finally, I finished the outfit with the Converse of dreams and some pink glittery socks. Converse have come out with this whole new vibe and upped their trainer game recently and I am LOVING it! 
This outfit is me having a teeny, tiny bit of hope that spring will come quickly, for now I'll be dreaming of when spring comes...

Lucy Jane