Today is 11th April 2018 and today is also my 19th birthday! 
It almost feels as weird typing it as it does to say it as I really don't feel 19, sometimes I think I'm a 10 year old others times I'm 90, but definitely not 19! I won't lie, I'm a big lover of birthdays as any occasion to celebrate wins me over.  Whenever it's someone else's birthday I love to make them feel special and when it's my birthday I love to celebrate and just have a good time. However, this year I feel I've been rubbish at birthdays and honestly, didn't really want to celebrate my own. I don't say that in a 'aww so sad, everyone feel sorry me' way, I say it because I didn't really want to celebrate my life this year. My 18th year wasn't the greatest but it was still great, rather than being excited for what my 19th year holds I'm scared. At the moment I am really happy but I'm stuck in this middle ground in regards to my life and health, everything is unsure and thats what frightens me.

Nevertheless, I have celebrated my birthday and will continue to till the month ends (sorry not sorry)!
As I'm 19, I thought I could do one of those '19 things I've learnt at 19' but I still don't think I know enough to write one of those, instead I thought lets talk about some of my favourite things. It's my birthday, a day about me so sit back, relax and enjoy learning some of Lucy Jane's favourite things...

1. Favourite song 
Ahhhh I hate this question, so much music I love!
Currently either George Ezra - Shotgun (THIS is my summer song) or Rex Orange County - Happiness (I cry every single time it plays). Favourite song of all time is probably Elvis - Can't help falling in love or The Velvet Underground - I found a reason, I have adored Elvis since being a lil girl and I think he deserves to be number 1.

2. Favourite music artist 
Again, this question is so tough when you love music!
Favourite artist of all time is going to have to go to Elvis again, I've loved him for so long and forever will do so I think he has to be a clear winner. At the minute some of my favourite artists are Brockhampton, Tom Misch, SZA, Noah Cyrus but then the Indie girl deep down in my soul will always love bands like Foals, Sundara Karma, Cage the Elephant, Bombay Bicycle Club and we can't forget the inner fangirl love for One Direction which I will forever hold so dearly to my heart. Honestly I love SO much music and always have done, there are so many amazing artists I could go on forever...

3. Favourite album 
I'd have to say Ctrl by SZA as a current favourite of the past year, I love every single song on that album. Of all time I do adore Loaded by The Velvet Underground or So long see you tomorrow by Bombay Bicycle Club.
(or any One Direction/Harry Styles album, if you know you know)

4. Favourite film
Hmmmm, I don't feel I've watched enough classics to have fully found an all time favourite but the film I will watch over and over has to be Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It's cheesy but it was iconic in my teenage years!

5. Favourite tv show
Right now I love Gossip girl, I'm only on season 4 but I can feel the end of episodes approaching and I don't think I'll cope. I think my all time favourite show is Silent Witness on BBC, that show made me want to be a forensic investigator SO bad but then I realised I HATE science. 

6. Favourite country 
Half of me wants to say England but the other half wants to say Greece. I love being from England even though we can be a bit shitty some times. The countryside, beaches and cities are all so exciting to me and I do adore this place. But our weather is shit so thats why half of me says Greece. I've been 4 times to Greek islands and they are my favourite places I've ever traveled, the people are lovely and the islands are so beautiful! 
 I've not visited loads of countries so my answer in a few years time will probably be very different.

7. Favourite city 
So predictable but I fell in love with that city last year when I visited, the ultimate goal is to live there (for a short while) one day but a close second is my hometown...
Manchester is the best city in the UK in my opinion, you should all visit!

8. Favourite season 
Going to have to say summer just because this winter felt like it lasted forever this year, get me some sun!!

9. Favourite colour
I know I tried to kid you all saying pink was my new red but I don't think it can ever beat it!

10. Favourite food
Pizza or Pom bears.
Currently I'm on a dairy free, gluten free, no garlic, no onion diet so my choice of food is pretty limited but before changing my diet, anything cheesy was my favourite thing in the world!

11. Favourite drink
Non-alcoholic I love Ribena and Fanta with a passion but alcoholic I love Prosecco and Sex on the beach, pretty much anything fruity and alcoholic I like.

12. Favourite animal
Can we start a petition for my Dad to get me one because I miss Bonnie so much :(

13. Favourite hobby
I adore sewing, painting, photography, drawing or just anything to do with making or creating. I know I don't spend enough time doing this thing but I hope I can do soon.

14. Favourite memory of my 18th year
My whole trip to London in summer, at a shitty time in my life that was just what I needed and it was perfect.

15. Favourite year
2016 was an amazing year apart from the fact One Direction started their 'hiatus' then. I look back on that year as the time where I really grew as a person, found some amazing friends and just became a lot more comfortable in who I was and what I wanted.
So many happy times!

16. Favourite quote
'Look up, now look down, up is endless and down has an ending, always look up' - Modsun

17. Favourite shop
£1 Scope Charity Shop in Rochdale town centre, THE best place.

18. Favourite clothing item
At the moment it's my pink suit but of all time, may be my Alexa Chung x M&S fur coat? or my Coach bag?? THIS IS TOO HARD.

19. Favourite style icon
Ahhhh, this is so hard!
I don't think I have a definitive style because I'm not a minimalistic gal, I like a lot of things! I look to people such as Megan Ellaby, Cartia Mallan, Sophia & Cinzia basically my whole instagram feed. I follow bloggers more than 'celebs' as I find they're style is just better.
Can I say myself?
However I wanna dress, I will!

So there you go, you learn something new everyday.
Hoped you enjoyed reading some lil bits about me, have a lovely day!

Lucy Jane