If you're an avid reader of my blog, you will know how much I adore Charity Shopping and how much I adore to share the pieces I find with you! My #CharityShopBop posts get such amazing feedback so I decided that Infinity of Fashion needed some more Charity Shop goodness as it's content I love to share and you love to read! So, I present to you...
Charity Shop Transformation!!!

Now, I preach about Charity Shopping so much as I always seem to come across nice things and amazing bargains so I want to share them. However, one of the main comments I get when people try and go Charity Shopping is...

 'How do you find this stuff?! Whenever I go it looks just like my Grandparents wardrobe!'

Well yes, that's because it pretty much is but you have to look past that and think how YOU could make it your own. From turning skirts into two pieces, tops into crops, I want to show you how things that look awful on the hanger can be changed into something stunning! It's  more sustainable, its cheaper and you're money goes to a good cause so get transforming!

Todays transformation involves two tops that cost me a total of £2, YES £2!! Although on the hanger these tops really did look like something a middle aged woman would wear (no offence), I set myself a challenge to create something exciting out of these pieces. The bright green and blue were giving me such summery vibes and after the warm spell of weather last week, I felt inspired to create something perfect for summer.
My initial plan with these two tops was to simply crop and cut them however, I got even more creative!

What I did for the Green top...

1. I took my fabric scissors, the top and an old crop top I knew fit me perfectly.
2. I laid the top out flat with no creases as it is much easier to cut when flat and placed the old crop on top so I could measure a suitable length. 
3. I simply cut straight across the green top at my chosen point and that was it!
Such simple steps for a cut little cropped tee!

What I did for the Blue top...
1. I took my fabric scissors, the blue top and cut off to two ribbons which were originally tied at the front. 
This was SO easy but made styling it off the shoulder look a lot more on trend for summer than before! 

What I did for the Green bandeau...
1. I took the excess material I'd cut from the green top along with the two blue ribbons from the blue top and decided to make a lil bandeau.
2. I measured the length and width of the bandeau against one I already had to create the perfect fit.
3. I then hemmed the horizontal top of the bandeau by using straight stitch on the machine, I didn't need to hem the bottom as it had the hem already from the original top. 
4. I stitched the side seam with straight stitch on the machine to create the shape of the bandeau. 
5. At this point I had a green bandeau, however thought adding the two blue ribbons would create a more sporty vibe. Two attach the ribbons I simply pinned them in place and used straight stitch to attach the ribbon on both sides. 
Although it may sound tricky to some, if you have access to a sewing machine a bandeau is really easy to make and looks fab!

It really wasn't a difficult process and anyone with access to a sewing machine could definitely do exactly what I did.  You just have to think creatively and have a vision of what you want it to become. I turned two £1 tops into three pieces perfect for summer!
I hope this inspires you to do some Charity Shop Transformations and I'd love to see them if you do!

Lucy Jane