Dress: Forever 21 // Belt: Charity shop // Shoes: Asos // Bag: Marc Jacobs

Hidden away through the back streets of Limassol old town, I stumbled upon the most perfect wall. Amongst the shops and cafes there stood a mural, painted with a picture of Frida Kahlo smoking a cigarette looking oh so effortlessly cool. Of course I had to snap some pictures and at least try look as cool as her...

The area of Cyprus I visited last week was Limassol, I'd never been there before but my family have had a house there for 20 years so I'd heard good things about it. It's an area of Cyprus that is constantly changing and there is a huge focus on new infrastructure, new investment and basically creating a whole new vibe about the place. I suppose in some ways it's exciting when places become urbanised as there is so much more opportunity but part of the process I saw going on whilst there made me quite sad. 

My favourite spot we visited was the Old Town which is where all the classic Cypriot/Greek restaurants and shops were. In comparison to the new built up areas, there was a sense of community and culture as you stumbled through the back streets. I always look at it in this light, if you can look around somewhere and instantly know what culture you're in, then they're doing it right.  All the bars and restaurants in the Old Town were definitely adapting to the new cliental coming into Limassol, but tradition was still there and I liked that. 

This particular evening we were recommended to visit Limassol Castle, it's surrounded by a little square of restaurants, bars and lots of cats. We ate at a restaurant called Artima and I am not joking, it was the nicest food I have ever eaten in my life! 
All my dietary requirements went out the window but it was so worth it!
We spent our evening sipping Brandy Sourz and getting to grips with the way Limassol works...

After seeing the Old Town and how things used to be, it's weird to think that soon the area may even be as built up as city like Manchester or Leeds. It's a coastal town with beautiful scenery and so much history and to think of it all becoming modern is almost like it's loosing part of it's identity. I definitely got the impression that the world of Limassol revolves heavily around money but I suppose where doesn't these days?
I've never really experienced such a contrast whilst away before and it made me think of how many other places are loosing their culture because of money, the world is a mad place...

Lucy Jane