Charity Shop Bop is a series on my blog that promotes a different sense of fashion. The fashion industry is a huge financial provider, yet is also creating so much waste that it's effecting our planet. Every year we create over 80 billion articles of clothing which is a ridiculous amount to even fathom.  With 95% of it being recyclable and 100% being reusable, why let it become waste?
My Charity Shop Bops are here to show the limitless horizons of reworking second hand clothing and that it isn't all 'old lady' stuff! Shopping from charity shops is more sustainable, a lot cheaper and also allows you to contribute to a variety of charities at the same time!
So get #CharityShopBoppin and let me see what you find...
Jumper: Charity Shop // Skirt: Depop // Bag: Charity Shop // Shoes: Topshop // Necklace: H&M

Autumn is calling and it seems I've picked up the phone a little too early...oops!
It may still be August and I may still have one last summer holiday left (yes I'm off to Malia next week, judge all you like because I'm going to have a cracking time!) but my fashion brain has gone into quick time mode and travelled straight forward to Autumn. Now this season is usually when my 60's/70's lover within comes out and it seems this year it's happened a little early. I want my high neck jumpers, mini skirts with tights, pinafore dresses and EVERYTHING Twiggy would've worn and I want to wear it now!  I'm planning on doing some sort of 'inspiration' blog post for my Autumnal style as I really want to pinpoint my different influences but for now heres a sneak peak of when autumns calling... Charity Shop Style!

Nothing screams autumn to me quite like a high neck jumper and nothing screams Lucy Jane to me quite like a high neck, leopard print jumper! I've had this jumper for years now, I think it cost me around £3 and was pre-owned by some sassy old lady but I bloody love it! It's been a huge staple of mine over A/W as it can be warn with lil mini skirts, cute pinafores or slip dresses or tucked into a vintage pair of mom jeans. Of course you all know I adore the print but something about the leopard print on this jumper seems more authentic than the prints you see in the high street stores. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I do find the high streets leopard print looks quite graphical whereas this looks a bit more artistic? I am probably making no sense whatsoever but anyway, the point is I love leopard print and love finding it in Charity Shops!

If you've followed my blog for a while you will be familiar with this red skirt, its not just any red skirt its my beloved vintage suede cowboy skirt that I bought off Depop and will keep till the day I die! When September comes I get so excited because I can finally wear this beauty again, it can be dressed up or dressed down and I bloody love it! It gives me sooooooo many 60s vibes and if I died right now, I'd probably want to be buried in it. 

 I'm someone who loves colour and loves print so an outfit isn't really complete for me if there isn't a hint of both. The combination of red and leopard print is basically me, I have always loved red, always loved leopard print so put them together and you have a Lucy Jane inspired beauty. Pairing these two pieces is so simple but it just works so well, with a cute bag, some quirky shoes and lil necklace the outfit looks perfect!

As autumn approaches I know I am falling back in love completely with my 1960's/1970's inspired style and it's making me so excited to see what other bits and bobs I can uncover whilst bopping around the Charity Shops. I'm on the look out for some chunky 1970's crocodile/snakeskin print boots and if I ever came across them it my size, that would be a dream! As seasons change you can definitely feel a bit lost with your style but I feel so assured of where this year will take me, I'll move from my cutesy summer look to my more mature, sophisticated 60s look and I'll do it with ease! 

This Charity Shop Bop just proves how current the pieces you find in Charity Shops can be whilst still adding an essence of your own style. Bringing together second hand pieces gives them a new lease of life which is so much more exciting than the 'Jeans and a Nice top' Misguided feature.
(No shade if you love that, you do you and thats amazing! I just can't relate and want to try spread individuality and sustainability)
I hope I can open your eyes to the world of Charity Shopping and please tag me @lucysb_ on Instagram with #charityshopbop if you discover any pieces!
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Lucy Jane