Jumpsuit: H&M // Jumper: H&M // Shoes: Asos // Bag: Coach // Belt: Charity Shop

My style is all about doing things a little differently, I love experimenting, pushing boundaries and honestly just wearing really cool clothes. I felt that over summer I got a little lost and stopped adding my own personal touch to the way I was dressing, I still adore the things I wore but I just didn't feel like the way I was wearing them was 100% me.  I opted for the same outfits on repeat which isn't a bad thing at all, but for me I love to try and change every outfit up, even if it is just by a small touch, that's just what I do!

Today I'm all motivated for doing things differently and decided to share with you my take on doing jumpsuits differently. As you'll have seen on my previous post (My 1970S Autumn Inspiration), I am loving the whole jumpsuit trend at the minute. Social media influencers have drowned our feeds with them over recent weeks with the most popular style of them all being boiler suits. As much as I adore and appreciate the boiler suit, I think it's the safe bet when it comes to jumpsuits and I'm here to do things a lil differently...

A huge portion of my style inspiration comes from the past eras of the 60s,70s and 90s as I find so many styles I adore stemmed from there. Finding vintage pieces is the ultimate goal but when you stumble upon high street pieces which perfectly replicate those vintage vibes, how can you say no?
Around 3 years ago I found this incredible jumpsuit in H&M and since that day, I think I've worn it once (it's upsetting, I know). It's one of those pieces I never want to throw away but at the same time, struggle to style. Without layering a jumper, the low V neck is quite flattering on someone like me who has absolutely no boobs however finding an occasion to wear this 70s infused jumpsuit has proved rather tricky!
My best tip for A/W is if in doubt, put on a roll neck jumper. You can layer it under jumpsuits or dresses, wear it with mini skirts or maxi and it's also a perfect piece to put with trousers. Layering this jumper turns down the fanciness of the overall outfit but still keeps it 70s and chic, it also adds a little bit of glitter which you all know I bloody love! 
To finish off I paired a geometric belt I picked up from a Charity Shop, along with my beloved Coach bag and finally, a lil bit of snakeskin print in my boots as would it really be a Lucy Jane Look without animal print?

Although the current trends surrounding jumpsuits seem to be rather minimalistic, I am simply not a minimalistic kind of gal and I never will be! I need colour, pattern and texture to feel fulfilled and this look incorporates all of that. I look at these pictures and think 'That is 100% Lucy Jane' and I feel you will to. Let's keep those vintage vibes and keep doing things differently...

Lucy Jane