To give you some context, this post is coming from the mind of someone who is getting their life together yet constantly feels like they're not. Life as an 'adult' is hard, especially as an adult who has a mid-life crisis every few days and is confused about everything but I think I'm slowly starting to figure things out. Two months ago I wrote a blog post manifesting 10 goals I wanted to work towards achieving and I'm proud to say that the majority of them I accomplished. These last two months I've done things that would've been completely unimaginable to me 6 months ago and sometimes, I forget how far I've come. I drive about daily, I've been for a job interview and spent days alone in Manchester wandering, shopping and just living life. I know these things aren't HUGE achievements to you, but for me they are big steps into becoming 100% independent again. 
For me to keep on working towards getting my independence back, I want to set some more goals and start my journey towards achieving them...

(P.S. The pictures are rather irrelevant, I just wanted to share some snaps I'd taken recently!)

1. Drive confidently on motorways
Now I'm back driving confidently on my normal routes, I want to spend the next two months improving my ability and getting on to motorways. For some reason in my family, motorways are seen as 'big and scary' places to drive which are best to be avoided so somehow I've built up this subconscious fear of driving on them. I quite enjoy driving so I'm sure once I push myself out of my comfort zone and get driving on them, all will be fine.

2. Go to the gym alone and join a class
One positive is I've joined a gym!! 
But now I need to build up the confidence to go alone as every time I've been I've had someone there. I don't know why but it feels like a really intimidating environment but I know that after going alone a few times, I won't be bothered. I also really want to start some classes because like I said in my August goals, I find it so motivating having other people there!
3. Organise Photography shoots and focus on a project
I've started to slowly but surely get back into my photography and it's something I'll forever adore but I need a focus. I'm determined to organise shoots with new people which is something I would've feared to do earlier, I need to push myself because once I meet new people, I love it! 
I need an aim of a sort of project idea, something I can use as a stimulus and expand on to my own accord as then my mind flows creatively so effortlessly.

4. Keep applying for jobs
I'm looking for a part time job in retail but trying to avoid Manchester. I just want to get back into having commitments, earn a bit of money and get experience in the field of work I'm interested in. I'd only starting looking these last two weeks and so far I've had one interview for my dream workplace, but sadly wasn't successful. Part of me keeps doubting myself as I'm worried my illness puts places off having me but fingers crossed I'll find something I like.

5. Read books not your phone!!
I adore reading as it's a complete de-stress mechanism for me but I reach for my phone rather than a book these days and it needs stop. I'm going to go to the charity shops, browse their book selection and get a lil collection of books to work my way through!

6. Wake up at 8am and create a positive mindset
This one may sound a bit stupid but it's something I'm so SO bad at. Having had no commitments for over a year, I sleep whenever I want to sleep and as nice as it is, it's not really reality. If I wake up early, I'm generally more productive as I have more hours in the day so always feel so much better about things but I find it so hard to pull myself out of bed sometimes. 
My plan is to wake up at 8am, tell myself today is going to be great and get up and go...

7. Take responsibility for my health, medication and doctors appointments
Since being ill and having to take multiple tablets a day, attend multiple doctors appointments a month and just having extra things to think about, my Mum has been an absolute gem and taken responsibility for all that. I was 17 when diagnosed but now I'm 19, I think I need to do these things for myself. I want to sort out my prescriptions, make my appointments and do things more independently because at the end of the day I should take responsibility for my own health.

8. Organise my free time to be with people who bring out the best in me.
I think I do a lot more of this any way but recently I've spent so much time with my favourite people and they make me feel so SO happy. I am a people person; I love chatting for hours, meeting new people and being around people I love brings out the best in me. The majority of my friends have gone back to University but I don't want this to stop me from seeing them as often as I used to, I'm going to make the effort to see people as much as I can because I know they make me feels ten times better if I'm having a bad day.

9. Get my tattoo!!!
I said it on my last goals post and it's here again, I really want to get my tattoo so I need to just do it.

10. Be 100% unapologetically me!
This one is a funny one because I feel like it is something I can be good at but shy away from some days. Every day you find out new things about yourself and I really want to be aware of that and keep discovering new things. I want to wear whatever I want, act however I want and just give the world the person I know I truly am.
Just be me.

So there we have it, another list of goals all of which I hope to tick off in a few months time. Everything takes time and energy, so I'm not going to beat myself up if things don't happen straight away, just go with the flow and try to manifest into reality.

Lucy Jane