If you thought Saturday was a belated start then I bet you can't wait to know when we woke up on Sunday...
Our day began at 4pm (and I... oooop!)
We basically spent the Saturday night having the time of our lives and our body needed sleep, we had no proper plans for Sunday so really it didn't matter.

As Ell is a big Man City fan, we found an Irish bar and watched the football which is becoming a bit of a tradition on our holidays. Our first drink of the day was an alcoholic one and if that doesn't sum up Budapest I don't know what does, when theres such cheap beer it would be rude to say no!

After watching the football and City winning, Ell was one happy gal and I was one hungry gal so we went off to find some food. I'm not really sure what the area was called but it was where all the main shops were  and we wandered round there for a bit. Our culinary tastes really aren't that exotic so we found yet another lovely Italian restaurant and got some food. Ell ordered margarita pizza for the third time in a row, it's basically tradition now, and I decided on some Calamari which came out looking more alive than I've ever seen before!
The food was nice, the vibe was nice and it was coming up to 8pm and we decided we needed to do something with our last night. 

Being the spontaneous queens we are, we walked down to the river, found a boat trip and hopped on the next departure. It was the equivalent of £8 for a one hour boat trip down the Danube which I thought was so good compared to what you'd pay in London for something like that! The boat was basic and we were freezing cold but we got to see all the landmarks lit up in the dark and it was extremely beautiful. We saw Parliament, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge and all the stunning architecture along the Danube which seemed to come to life in a different way at night.
I had a bit of a moment on the boat which I'll always remember, I went off to the toilet to queue up and it was at the back of the boat where nobody was about. I stood there looking out at either side of the river which was lit up shining so bright and thought... 
'as if this is what I can do now'
All the fun I'd had in the past three days, all the things I'd done and not at one point had I felt too ill or too tired or had even had a single worry cross my mind! 
Yes, I know last year I went on a lot of trips but nobody actually knows what I dealt with on those trips. Trying to translate 'Can I use your toilet?' into so many languages, taking packets and packets of Imodium everyday and the main thing, being terrified to come home because I never knew what was in store for me next. 
This was my first trip in my new life and I was loving every second of it.

Lucy Jane