Today is Blue Monday and I want to start my post by asking how are you?
You don't have to tell me, tell yourself, check in on yourself and write your answer down. 
Give yourself time to think how your mind and body truly are, it's important.

Blue Monday is supposedly the most depressing day of the year but I don't know how statistically true that is. Regardless of the science behind it, it's important to understand that every day, not just today, can be hard for people. 
Rather than having a Blue Monday have a You Monday.

Mental health is something we all deal with on a daily basis and whether you like to admit it or not, it is just as important as physical health. We dismiss it, don't want to talk about it because we feel 'silly' or 'stupid' but the more you don't talk, the more isolated you become. When you open up to people you realise you aren't the only one going through it, the world is a scary place and we're bound to think scary things. The right people will always be there to talk to, always be there caring for you and always try to help.  A problem shared is a problem halved is what I always believe and I wish more people would realise that, no matter how bad things get telling someone feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders and that's when things can change. 
Reading this you might be sat there thinking
 'You're some positive fashion blogger with 0 problems preaching at the internet'
I'd agree I'm a positive fashion blogger but my mind has dealt with a lot, I got the help I needed and things did change so that's why I'm sat here preaching to talk about you!

Recently the world has felt like a crazy place to me. 
I've seen so many people I love hurting and it's frustrated me that I can't take that hurt away from them. I tell myself everything happens for a reason, you grow from every single thing but it seems so unfair watching people go through these things.
I've realised the worst things always happen to the best people and that's life.
I have incredible people in my life, they make me stronger every single day and they make me want to smile more because I know I've got them to smile back at me.

Please make today You Monday not Blue Monday.
Ask yourself how you're doing and whatever the answer is, listen to yourself. 
Reach out to your friends and family, let them know you care and take all of the crazy stuff racing around your mind seriously because it's important. 
Do what will make your day brighter, bring a smile to your face because life is too short, it's made for living so please don't live it feeling alone!

Lucy Jane