Motto of 2020, we don't walk into the 20s, we strut .

Happy New Year to you all! 
A slightly belated one but I survived through the stress of working Christmas in retail and I'm ready to take on 2020 with a bang. A new year definitely doesn't mean a new me but I think it's brought a new attitude and I'm kinda loving it...
2019 was a weird one for me having the highest highs and the lowest lows it was all a bit crazy. It started consumed by illness, I lost my large intestine, gained an ileostomy bag and got my life back. I then had the best summer imaginable, moved down to London for University, absolutely hated it and ended the year back at home. Amongst all this was a whole load of other things but as a general round up, my 2019 was completely unexpected. 
An uncontrolled yet exciting mess...

Heading into 2020 my mind is a bit of a shambles but all I know is I want this year to be filled with everything I adore. 
To travel, to create, to laugh, to dance, to be healthy, to love, to inspire, to grow, to write, to explore, to learn, to express and what I really want to do the most is to help people.
This time a year ago I was completely helpless, I never knew how I'd get better mentally and physically. Ulcerative Colitis was my life as I slumped into 2019. Now, I've got everything I could ever dream of back and I can strut my way confidently into 2020.

Who knows what 2020 will bring but for once the unknown is pretty exciting to me, having a life plan is over-rated because when I did have one it all went tits up!
My plan is to strut my way through my days and see where I end up.
I'll let ya know what happens...

Lucy Jane