'Extreme happiness, sometimes more than is reasonable in a particular situation'

Euphoria both the state of indescribable happiness and the HBO drama series that took over social media over the last year. The influence of Euphoria was like a ripple through the online world, inspiring creatives to take our everyday looks and push them to something a little extraordinary.

Wearing face gems to do the weekly shop?
Why the hell not!
From the costume to the make up to the cinematography, Euphoria oozed this mystical craziness that we all seemed to love. 
We wanted to channel this unique individuality in our Euphoria inspired shoot.
Be true to you and then times you by 10000!

Model - Nina @neenkat
Denim Hat and Butterfly top were handmade by Nina!

It's crazy to say that I'm finally back...
Gone are the days of 'Infinity Of Fashion', we're now welcoming the new and improved era of 
Lucy Jane Fashion!
I've decided that Lucy Jane Fashion is going to be more of a portfolio than a blog. 
A place to combine all my creative projects and share them publicly and who knows who might stumble upon them. 
This blog has been my lil baby for 8 years and it seems silly to let this space go to waste, I have such a huge passion for all things creative and I need to utilise all my skills in one place.
I'm unsure where this will take me, how often I'll post but I'm back, back and better than ever as 

Lucy Jane Fashion