Tucked away in a lil room amongst the Northern Quarter in Manchester, lies the hub of the cutest, up-coming sustainable brand @jeneralstoreuk . Describing themselves as 'Decadent Tonal Vintage and Sustainable Accessories' Jeneral store has an array of products old and new that you never knew you needed in your wardrobe! From classic vintage pieces to the signature Jeneral Store scrunchie, I would highly recommend shopping their site as I'm sure you'll fall in love!

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to meet the ever so lovely Jen who's behind the brand and style up some of the new vintage pieces that dropped last Friday. My favourite look has to be the red dress, I felt like the real life spanish dancer emoji and that's truly what dreams are made of...
 I had the best time boogying around to disco music whilst Jen snapped away getting some incredible shots that have been all over my instagram.
That day left me with a feeling of 'I want to do this!'
To style and dance and laugh and shoot pictures and simply be around other creatives who inspire you because seeing how Jen's little business was growing and how passionate she was truly inspired me. 

She's fab and has definitely sparked a new motivation in me, so go show her lil business some love!