I suppose I could say I inherited this trait from my Mum, a constant list maker who probably couldn't think straight without writing things down, but I think I've always felt a certain sense of accomplishment with writing.

The reason I'm associating this with 'Embrace the bare face'  is because it is something deeper than simply staying organised and clear minded by expressing my thoughts onto a blank page. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fairly confident person when it comes to speaking in front of others but I don't feel how I speak and how I write coheir in anyway. When writing I have time to thoroughly think things through, carefully position the right words into the perfectly formed sentences. When I speak, I stumble, I pause and I waste my words. I feel like my creativity and intelligence, what little of it I have, shines through my writing but when I speak, nobody hears what I want to say. 

I've always been one to stand by 'think before you speak' in regards to disputes and disagreements, yet I fail to do so in everyday general conversation. I know I'm not a boring person, I have 1001 things to talk about but sometimes I push them away, diverting myself from what I actually want to say. It can get you in some confusing situations, you know what you want to say but say what they want to hear.
Please say what you want, don't avoid it.

I suppose I'm writing this as a self acknowledgement, I will always love the essence of writing thoughts down either onto a crisp blank page or a bare blog post yet I need a way of applying my unique ideas into real life conversation. 
I love really interesting conversations but feel they are pretty rare to find, remembering specific words you hear people say is something special.

Lucy Jane 

One last thing...
In regards to 'Writing it all down' I wanted to discuss letters, a form of communication which has got lost in the development of instant messaging. As childish as this may sound, I would love to have somebody to write to. To write about life, thoughts, questions and just ponder through pages of notebooks. So if anyone fancies becoming my 'pen pal' let me know...