Top: H&M // Jacket: TK Maxx // Pants: New Look // Shoes: Topshop // Bag: Topshop 

'Mum just lie down on the wet floor and point the camera upwards but keep my shoe in focus, it's all about those angles' - the life of a photography student.

So once again I am wearing red! I thought a classic red tee would allow me to go wild pairing my favourite striped pants, star studded shoes and my new favourite denim jacket. Browsing through the endless racks at TK Maxx, I came across this little beauty marked down from £100 to £20, with a saving like that how could I say no? It was the oversized fit as well as the blocked colours that drew me in, it is the unique pieces like this that I begin to fall in love with.

Composing a perfect shot oozes through my blood, I am so precise about what I want, where I want it  and how it should look. It isn't that I'm a perfectionist because I can handle the flaws in life, it's my desire to create my imagination into reality. Looking at things from a different perspective inspires me to create as finding beauty in the ordinary is rather unique. Everything holds beauty to some degree but how you capture it shows the strength of it...

Live with a wider mind, life is too short to take the narrow path.

Lucy Jane