Top: Forever 21 // Skirt: Forever 21// Necklace: Topshop // Shoes: Topshop

Strolling through the streets of Mykonos town, you felt the excitement of not knowing whats round the corner yet being fully aware wherever you turn will hold so much beauty. The classic grey and white cobbles could be endlessly followed without becoming bored of where they took you, it's one big, giant, beautiful maze.

The town itself had so many amazing restaurants, bars and shops which I explored to a certain extent. My favourite place was a shop comparable to Paperchase in the UK, it's name was Anamnesia and it's products were ridiculously cute. It had the prettiest prints on stationary, bags and mugs, I loved it! 
Other than that, some streets were filled with designer stores that I was too nervous to enter, tourist shops selling classic collectables and lots and lots of jewellery shops. It was the ideal shopping destination in the early hours of the morning, not so much in the hustle and bustle of the afternoon.

My bohemian side always comes out when I'm away, you'll never see me in a maxi skirt walking round Manchester! Although whilst getting ready I thought this skirt was the perfect choice, as soon as I stepped outside the wind began to blow me and my skirt away. The slit up the side definitely adds to the design, yet it was not helpful whilst trying to keep my decency walking round Mykonos town. 
The colour combination is my absolute favourite as oranges, pinks and reds work wonderfully. 

One thing I will say for Mykonos, theres beauty around every corner...

Lucy Jane