Jumper: Vintage // Pinafore: Primark // Shoes: Boohoo // Socks: Topshop // Phonecase: Iconemesis 

To co-ordinate your phone case with your outfit is one thing, but have you ever fully matched your phone case with your whole outfit? The online store Iconemesis have the sweetest phone cases which coincidentally, illustrate my style perfectly! 

What can sum up Lucy Jane better than a high neck jumper, pinafore, rounded glasses and a classic pair of glittery socks? The evolution of my style seems to have gone backwards, whereas most people mature with age I seem to have become more childish. With being childish comes a sense of fun, a fun and freedom to where whatever I really want and feel comfortable in it. If I didn't have a pair of glittery socks for every day of the week I probably wouldn't function the same, they're fun and that's me. What is also is me is this phone case, it perfectly reflects my childish style with the slight reminder I am still slightly sophisticated by actually owning an iPhone (that shows sophistication in my mind). 

I stress to you all that having fun with your style is what life is all about! Whether you have interest in fashion or not, playing around with colour, texture and fit are the best ways to express yourself visually. 
Feel fun in what you wear and free to wear what you want.

Lucy Jane