Velvet culottes have been on my wishlist for months. With Zara bringing out the most beautifully sewn yet incredibly expensive embroidered versions, I just could not seem to find the perfect pair.

Guess what my charity shop bopping lead me to?

Once loved by some elderly lady, at the small sum of £1 they are now my beloved pants that I know I will constantly wear. With winter being my peak time for eating loads and then wanting to hide the damage done, oversized baggy trousers are the only things I seem to want in my life. They are comfy, loose and so so soft. 

I think I have a love hate relationship with velvet. It reminds me of my 13 year old days of wearing creepers, black velvet skirt and my Granddads old shirts. Those were the days I thought my style was individual but let's just say tumblr had a huge influence.
 As of now, I think me and velvet have a great relationship but not anything near that of me and glitter!

Lucy Jane