The last time a did an 'inspo' post was probably a very long time ago and I decided it has been TOO long! I'm forever searching the web finding inspiration for absolutely everything in life; my room, my style and even my day to day life so I thought 'Why not share it?'. I've always been obsessed with imagery and creating things appealing to the eye, I think my passion for photography stems right back to when I was a little girl collaging pictures from magazines into bundles of notebooks! 
I was pretty obsessed with creating nice imagery and still am today. 

Todays collage/photo mish-mash draws the inspiration I've taken for decorating my new room (eeeep). Although my plans were to go to University in 2017, they unfortunately couldn't happen so I've been living at home and will continue to do so till my health is right. Being at home a lot, meant spending a lot of time in my bedroom and I was getting to the point where it felt like a very hectic, busy place to be. My walls were bright red and grey, my furniture white and I had TOO much stuff lying around that I didn't need. Over the past few weeks my room has been plastered and painted and now I've got a plain white canvas to work on. I thought I'd compile a little inspo bored pre-bedroom make over as I can pull ideas from it throughout the process of decorating.
I can't wait to show you the finished room!
5 things I want to bring into my new Bedroom!

1. Plants
The oh so instagramable trend of house plants is one I haven't given into yet, but let me tell you my new room is going to be filled with lil green friends. I adore nature so much and have decided if I can bring a tiny bit of the outdoors indoors, then I'll be so much more at peace in my space.
2. Geometric shelves and wire furtniture
A trend I've seen floating around the web which I really do adore! I'm leaning towards warm tones for the colours in my room so want to have shelves and furniture in gold and copper.
3. More clean and relaxing space
I will never be a minimalist, I have A LOT of stuff and don't plan on changing that but I do want to hide it away a bit better. I want my new room to be clean and clear of junk, of course I'll keep all my sentimental ornaments somewhere but I need to learn they don't all have to be displayed!
4. A comfy corner...
Honestly, I just want a big mirror so I can up my mirror selfie game, I won't lie! I have the perfect spot for this corner and know it will be favourite part of my room. I can't wait to cozy up on a comfy chair, read a book and feel so content with life.
5. A pretty little dressing table
I want to fulfil all my princess dreams and have a pretty little dressing table. I haven't decided whether I want a princessy vintage one or a 70s cool wooden one yet, but I'm determined to find an antique that fits perfectly!

Lucy Jane