Charity Shop Bopping my way back into the blogging world and hoping you're all happy about it!
#CharityShopBop is something I've done for years on my blog, it's my own little way of trying to make a tiny difference in the world by inspiring you all to shop more consciously as we all know how damaging the fashion industry has become.
Fast fashion is now the second largest polluter in the world. Every year we create over 80 billion articles of clothing which is a ridiculous amount to even fathom.  With 95% of it being recyclable and 100% being reusable, why let it become waste?

So my Charity Shop Bops are here to make you stop, think and inspire you to make a small change which will equate to a big difference!
So get #CharityShopBoppin and let me see what you find...
Jacket: Scope // Top: Kilo Sale // Jeans: Scope // Bag: From my lovely Grandma !

So tonight I'll be having some festive fun and tomorrow morning I'll be feeling festively hungover, working through the pain but it's Christmas, it's allowed! 
Mad Friday is like an actual holy day where I live, I'm only from a small town between Manchester and Leeds but we definitely go big or go home. Everyone is out, everywhere is packed and everything is regretted the following day, oops...

Christmas is such a social time and being the social butterfly I am, I absolutely thrive. I love going for drinks, going for food and generally just being out and about and one of my favourite parts of the whole process is picking the perfect going out but not 'out out' outfit! 

I'd say this look is quite subtle for me, not much colour but I think the sparkle compensates for that. I am OBSESSED with this sequin corset I found hidden away in the kilo sale last year. I bought it without knowing when I'd ever wear it but I knew I couldn't leave it there, it was too beautiful and too special to not come to such a loving home. Pairing it with plain jeans makes it that little bit more toned down, something I didn't think I knew the meaning of, but if I was to dress it up even more O\d wear some leather pants,  it would look looooovely. 
Both the pants and blazer cost me £1 from my favourite Scope store in Rochdale and look how good they look!
As for the bag it's old style Russel & Bromley bought on Bond Street in London by my lovely Grandma many years ago. Right now I'm in love with rewearing my Grandmas old things but putting my own style to them, it just shows how fashions come back around so don't throw out everything!
It will be vintage one day...
I urge you all to go root through your Grandparents wardrobes, obviously with permission, because I bet you'll find some amazing, one of a kind pieces you could make work!

I'll be #CharityShopBoppin my way through Mad Friday with a bottle of prosecco and a few jagerbombs, Merry Christmas!!!!

Lucy Jane