Merry Christmas to you all, here's to a day filled with lots of love, happiness and amazing food and a night of laughs, prosecco and new Gavin and Stacey ( I AM SO EXCITED!). 
Christmas can be the best time or the worst. It can bring people together or remind people who they've lost, it can be a time for family or a time spent feeling completely alone, it can be a day off work or the busiest day of the year and understanding this makes Christmas not seem so shiny.

Life is hard, some days it feels harder than others and for many today is one of those days.
So I want you all to put what you have right now into perspective and think of what you're truly grateful for this Christmas Day 2019...

1. That I can eat all the Cheeses on our Christmas Cheeseboard without suffering!
Sally the Stoma did a lot of things for me but making me be able to eat dairy again was definitely up there at the top.

2. That I have the pleasure of knowing some of the strongest, most inspiring people in the world.
You're all diamonds and you make me shine brighter every single day!

3. That I was able to follow my dreams this year and accept that it didn't work out, it all happens for a reason...

4. That no decision of mine is ever a wrong decision in the eyes of my Mum and Dad, whatever I do I know they support me and forever will be proud, I love them ridiculous amounts!

5. That I still have a belly button...
Well my surgeon could've cut through it and he didn't so we got to be grateful!

6. That I let myself feel emotions I'd blocked off again this year, I never thought I'd be capable of feeling that after so long of being numb to it, but I did and it was nice to feel normal again.

7. That when I get to see the world I see it in it's beauty, I know the world hides some cruel truths and it's important we recognise those but what I've seen and explored has held sheer beauty and I'm so grateful nothing damaged my view.

8. That I have found my iconic hairstyle and know I probably won't be changing it anytime soon.
(finding a signature look can be HARD!)

9. That I don't have a CLUE what I'm doing but I know it will all be okay...

10. That I have a home, a family, a job, an amazing set of friends and that I am alive, I am not normal but I am rare and I am a  lil crazy shining diamond...

Lucy Jane x